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Who We Are

ARFhouse is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused dogs; we are their advocates, and if space is available, we accept any dog who doesn't have a home. At any time, we house and care for 350 dogs, which is what space allows.  We spay or neuter all the dogs who arrive, and provide them with medical attention they need.  The next step is re-homing the dogs, which takes time and effort.  Many dogs will stay at ARFhouse for life, but we want those who can find love and care in a home environment to have the best chance to do so. 

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Adopt a Dog

The ARFhouse Adoption Program allows some of the ARFhouse animals to be available for adoption to suitable owners. Since those animals which are not adopted will stay at ARFhouse for life, ARFhouse works hard at insuring that a prospective owner has the level of commitment necessary to properly care for a dog.

Clutch (to the left) is one of our adoptable dogs awaiting their new home.   Visit our Available Dogs Page to meet all of  his friends.
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The Be-A-Pal Program lets you sponsor the dog of your choice at ARFhouse. The dogs in our "Be-A-Pal" program are a combination of dogs that may not be suitable for a family environment, have special health needs that require frequent attention, or are residents of our Senior Sanctuary. For $20 a month we will send you periodic photos of the dog you choose to sponsor. Through your support and ARFhouse's caring volunteers, these dogs are given a second chance at a good life.

Click HERE to see how you can help these very special dogs.
Candace, shown on the right, is a member of our Be-A-Pal program
You can read more about Candace on our Be-A-Pal page.

For more information on these programs, please email martha@arfhouse.org
Entrance to ARFhouse is guarded by these tough guys. 
Check out this link to a success story about one of our dogs:

Christmas is coming early for the dogs!  Merrick Pet Care Products in Hereford has offered us 4 pallets of their great canned product.  Their dog food is of the highest quality.  They've donated in the past, and it's always cause for celebration here at ARFhouse.

MANY THANKS to LeAnn Parker for manning a table at the 2014 Big Dog Car Show, sponsored by Grayson Bible Baptist Church in Sherman, Texas. 

This event raised $4,300 for the dogs.
"Juliette", "Tango" and "Bravo" were found in a cardboard box at the side of the road.  They were emaciated and starving with plenty of parasites.   In only 2 weeks of care, they had put on weight  and they were ready for their forever homes, which all three found the weekend of December 6th.
A Heart-Warming
Rescue Story

Clutch is a 1 year old
Neutered Male
Beagle Mix

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An Arial view of our Property
Do you have a vehicle (including  car, truck, van, SUV, RV), boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, jet ski, heavy equipment, farm equipment, tractor  (working or not) you would like to donate to a good cause, and receive a tax break for yourself?

ARFhouse will receive 80% of the proceeds from the sale and we will even arrange the pick up. Your donation will directly benefit the animals of ARFhouse.

Please consider donating an unused vehicle to this very worthwhile program!

You can find out more information about this program by clicking HERE.
The Liz O'Brien Adoption Center Open House

Join us on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the grand opening of our brand new 2400 square foot animal adoption center. We will be serving refreshments and providing tours of this wonderful new facility. This is an exciting time for us and we hope to not only improve the lives of all our four legged friends who pass through our doors, but also provide our human friends with a comfortable, welcoming environment in which to interact with their new pet. Please drop in and celebrate with us!

We are offering memorial bricks to people in honor of a loved one, pet or for an individual.  We are placing bricks in pathways around the adoption center, as well as around flower gardens on the property. Your personal message will be a permanent tribute and will remain forever in the place you designate and help the rescued animals in our care.  We will have an order form available soon on our website.  You will also be able to place an order for a memorial brick at the time of our adoption center open house.
Gabriella Elizabeth Mejia is a Chicago based artist who has generously offered to donate 10% of the cost of any artwork that is requested by a supporter of ARFhouse.  Gabriella works in a variety of mediums, using  vibrant and dark colors to contrast values. Her website states: "I work meticulously adding the right amount of detail and patterns to engage the viewer by sending them on a journey within the artwork and the synergy of the different patterns and mediums create an overall unity that intrigues the viewer. In doing so, I tap into my emotions. It allows me to self develop, understand, love, and transform my thoughts and feelings. In essence I get to learn more about myself, my struggles, fears, joys and fulfillments by releasing them onto an empty white canvas.

As I achieve this, my goal is to inspire and also subtlety transform the viewer. When people see my paintings I wish for them to see the beauty of what is in front of them because in essence that is a reflection of their inner beauty. I want to invoke in them a feeling of wonderment, hope, because in this world where many people go through similar experiences, we tend to feel all alone in it. It is with this beautiful visual communication that I remind the viewer, we are all in this together."

Visit her website to learn more information and to contact her:  http://gabrielamejia.com