Senior Sancturay

ARFhouse has a Senior Sanctuary. Over the 30+ years that ARFhouse has been rescuing dogs, we have accepted many dogs who were seniors when they arrived. There have been numerous who have spent their lives here; starting out as young puppies, and never quite having the personality or behavior to fit into a home environment. Others that came as young adults with issues (bite history, climbers, diggers, dog aggression, timid, etc.) were never adopted.

They have a comfortable life here. Many live in the big pack and swim in the pond. Many run with humans on golf carts all day and sleep in the large barn on dog beds at night. Those who are aggressive or timid have their own yard. They receive the same attention from employees as any other dog.

We built a large kennel building where 18 of the oldsters reside with roomy indoor/outdoor areas and comfortable temperatures inside. They are given Kuranda beds to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The older dogs are like humans in that as they age, their medical problems increase. This means more trips to the veterinarian. Unless the dog is in pain that cannot be managed, and death is inevitable, ARFhouse does not euthanize a senior dog.

Contact Us if you would like to sponsor one of our precious seniors

Sponsor a Senior

You can virtually “adopt” the senior of your choice through a monetary donation of $20 per month through our Be a Pal program. Network For Good will automatically charge you at the interval of your choosing. Each quarter, you will receive photos and a personalized letter from your Senior Pal updating you on what’s been going on.